About Us

Spice Pilgrim is a local spice and tea company rooted in Clackamas Oregon. We specialize in making healthy and delicious stone-ground spices, seasonings, and hand-blended teas. Alongside with the extraordinary taste, aroma, and appearance of our products we offer the precise details and care only a small local business can provide.

Bring home the smell of the holiday season with our stone ground cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and the spicy kick and sting of our ground chili pepper. Stick to your health-related goals with our golden milk mix and the vast array of our herbal teas. Not only do our teas have an unmatchable taste and health benefits but they have exquisite aromas and a colorful appearance. 

Stone grinding our spices and hand blending our teas represents the extra effort and love we bring to the business of helping your family stay happy and healthy!