Explore the Refined World of Earl Grey at Spice Pilgrim

Explore the Refined World of Earl Grey at Spice Pilgrim

At Spice Pilgrim, we cherish the rich heritage and aromatic brilliance of Earl Grey tea. This classic blend, known for its distinctive flavor of bergamot oil, has been a staple in the tea world for centuries. Our collection of Earl Grey blends is crafted to celebrate this timeless tea, offering something truly special for every tea lover.

What is Earl Grey?

Earl Grey tea is primarily a blend of black teas enhanced with the oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit resembling an orange but closer in flavor to a lemon, which gives it that unique floral and citrusy aroma.

Are there different types of Earl Grey?

Yes, at Spice Pilgrim, we explore various adaptations of this classic tea:

  • Classic Earl Grey: Stays true to the traditional recipe with a black tea base and bergamot.
  • Earl Grey Lavender: Adds a soothing floral twist with hints of lavender.
  • Lemon Earl Grey: Incorporates additional citrus peels for a zesty flavor.
  • Rose Earl Grey: The floral aroma of rose petals is the perfect complement to the full-bodied citrus bergamot flavor of a traditional Earl Grey. 

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How do you make Earl Grey blend?

To create an Earl Grey blend, black tea leaves are infused with bergamot oil. This process varies slightly depending on the additional flavors being included, such as Rose petals, Lavender, or extra citrus, to create unique variations.

What blends well with Earl Grey?

Earl Grey is versatile and pairs well with a variety of flavors including vanilla, which softens its robust edges, or citrus elements that enhance its bright notes. Floral herbs like lavender can also complement the bergamot's floral characteristics.

Are you supposed to put milk in Earl Grey?

Yes, you can enjoy Earl Grey with milk, which softens its robust citrus flavors, although many purists prefer it black to fully appreciate the bergamot's fragrance.

Why is Earl Grey tea so good?

Earl Grey has a distinct flavor profile that balances the deep, rich notes of black tea with the bright, aromatic qualities of bergamot oil. This makes it both refreshing and comforting, ideal for any time of day.

Who should not take citrus bergamot?

Individuals on certain medications, particularly those affecting cholesterol, should avoid citrus bergamot as it can interact with these drugs. Always consult with a healthcare provider if unsure.

Each of our Earl Grey blends is designed to offer a unique tasting experience that honors the legacy of this magnificent tea. Whether you're a devoted Earl Grey aficionado or new to the world of flavored teas, our collection promises to enhance your tea moments with sophistication and joy.

Dive into the exquisite world of Earl Grey at Spice Pilgrim. Celebrate the art of tea with our carefully curated blends and discover your new favorite today. Enjoy the perfect cup that awaits you.

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