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Signature Blend

Chocolate Chai

Signature Chai Blend with Stoneground Spices

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Chai is traditionally a delightful blend of black tea and exotic spices which is often brewed with milk, giving it a wonderful creamy taste. Our Chocolate Chai blend is a well-balanced mixture of Cocoa, Vanilla, and classic Chai spices. Experience the Chai you love and enchant your chocolate-loving taste buds with our signature Chai blend.  

Flavor Profile

Rich, malty, creamy, chocolatey, and spicy.

Brewing Suggestions

Use one teaspoon of Chai for eight ounces water. Bring to boil for two minutes. Add whole milk (in the ratio of 1/4 milk to 3/4 water), and let boil another two minutes. Strain and sweeten to taste. 


Black tea leaves, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Powder, Green Cardamom, Dried Ginger, Cloves and Cinnamon, and Natural Vanilla Essence.