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First Flush Darjeeling

First Flush Darjeeling

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The term, 'First Flush' refers to the first plucking season of the year, which is March to mid-April. The teas from the first flush are generally more fragrant and lighter than those from the following flushes. The first flush is when brand new leaves and buds are picked in early spring, as early as February, and often lasting through April. These early leaves tend to be more tender and delicate so they, therefore, taste light, floral, fresh, brisk, and astringent. First Flush Darjeeling preserves the spring leaf flavor by generally being less oxidized during processing and may appear more greenish than a typical black tea. Darjeeling First Flush tea is some of the most prized and expensive tea on the market. Tea connoisseurs understand how special and exclusive the tea is by considering the first harvest from the region to be the 'champagne' of tea.

Flavor Profile

A light brew, slightly dry and crisp, with a distinct muscatel flavor and sweetness.

Brewing Suggestion

For brewing black teas, we recommend using higher temperature water, close to or just before boiling (190 - 200 F), with a proportion of one teaspoon of leaf per 8 oz. of water.


Black Tea leaves.

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