Green Cardamom vs Black Cardamom

Green Cardamom vs Black Cardamom

The Differences between Cardamom Varieties

Cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world, after saffron and vanilla. You can find two main varieties of cardamom that are grown in different parts of the world. Cardamoms are one of the most commonly used spices in Indian cooking, It's all over India - in our masala chai and garam masala, and most Indian desserts. They are also used in many other cuisines like Middle Eastern, Moroccan, and Scandinavian.

Green cardamom is grown in India, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka. This variety has a sweet taste with a hint of lemon flavor.

Black cardamom often goes by the name brown cardamom or large-sized cardamom. It's a type of cardamom that originates in Eastern Nepal, Sikkim, and Darjeeling district in India. This variety has a a wonderful scent of smokiness and camphor.

What is a Cardamom Pod And How Does it Taste?

A cardamom pod is a spice that is obtained from the cardamom plant and it has a very distinct taste. It is used in many different cuisines and dishes around the world. The pods are picked when they are still green and then dried to make them brown.

The pods can be used whole or ground up for various purposes such as flavoring curries, gingerbread, coffee, tea, cakes, cookies etc. Cardamom pods can also be used to make tea by boiling water with the pods in it.


While the green cardamom comes from the species Elettaria cardamomum, the black cardamom belongs to the species Amomum subulatum. The main difference between these two cardamom varieties is the way they are processed. When it comes to green cardamom, the pods are harvested before maturity. The pods of black cardamom are harvested much later and are also dried over large fires.

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Health Benefits

Black cardamom is used in home remedies in Indian and Chinese ancient medicine. The latter even uses black cardamom in treatments for constipation and dysentery. It is also believed to reduce symptoms of asthma. Meanwhile, green cardamom is also very useful for treating sleep troubles. Both forms of cardamom boost digestion and fight gastric troubles.

How to Store Your Cardamon Properly To Ensure Freshness And Quality

Cardamom can be kept for up to six months for optimal flavor by storing it properly. There are three steps to storing cardamom for quality and freshness.

1) Keep cardamom away from sunlight or any other light source, as the spices will lose their flavor quicker when exposed to light.

2) Store your cardamom in an airtight container with a tight fitting lid, as this will keep out moisture that can cause the spices to go bad quicker.

3) Place your container of cardamoms in the refrigerator or freezer, as this will keep them fresher for longer periods of time

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